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Wanhengda Enterprise Group
Add:7F Wanhengda Building, Shuidou Xinwei Village, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Chairman Message

    It is 12 years since the establishment of Wanhengda. Looking back upon the road we have passed, I should gladly settle and very thankful for that.
Firstly, I need to thank our customers. Thanks to the trust of the customers in hard time, we can go through the business hardships and have the confidence and courage to fight against difficulties; Thanks to the understanding and tolerance of the customers, we can cover the shortage and keep improving.
The development of the enterprise is inseparable from capital, technology, management, and information. Wanhengda can develop healthily and steadily because we have taken too much nutrition from our partners. Therefore, I need to thanks to our business partners. It is difficult for Wanhengda to achieve today's results without you!
Finally, I must thanks to each employee. Thanks to your toil and wisdom helps every progress of Wanhengda; Thanks to you without consideration of personal gain for heaps of times and your diligence and dedication, Wanhengda can  grow 22 times in 10 years; Thanks to everyone,  Wanhengda has endless power and hope. So you are the most valuable asset of the group.
Developing from a small processing plant to a group with renewable resources business unit, heat transfer technology business unit, building materials business unit, construction engineering business unit and branch companies all over the country, we come all the way not easily but develop step by step steadily. Now, we are even not very strong and just have the capacity to go to the next level. But it is necessary for us to calm down to think how to develop better at next stage with comprehensive plan, opportunities seized and stable development.
Looking forward to the future development, we are full of confidence. Although the road ahead is full of hardships and challenges, thanks to the care, diligence and dedication, support from our customers, colleagues and partners, I have the confidence to continue to challenge new industries and models with you! Only innovation can provide endless driving forces for the enterprise; Only innovation can help us to further develop on the basis of inheriting existing achievements; Only innovation can help us to achieve our goal.