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Wanhengda Enterprise Group
Add:7F Wanhengda Building, Shuidou Xinwei Village, Longhua District, Shenzhen

New Year Celebrations of Wanhengda


February 28, 2014 (the tenth day of the first lunar month) is the first working day of Wanhengda in the Year of the Sheep. The headquarters in Shenzhen organized the rapturous opening ceremony at 10:00 am on the opening day of the New Year. Mr. Hong Jinzan, the chairman came personally to ceremony with the sound of firecrackers to express greetings for New Year to all employees in the headquarters and across the country and to pay a New Year call to all employees.!
After the ceremony, chairman hosted the mangers working meeting and the meeting pointed out that new year has a new start and all managers shall play an exemplary role to lead the employees make better results in the new year. The chairman specially point outed that all departments shall be prepared and flexible for frequent emergencies on first day of operation in the new year.!
After the meeting, all departments held the “mind back meeting” after the festival in time to ensure that employees could get out of the “New Year state” timely, and fully devote themselves to their work to meet the new challenges in 2015 with rigorous work style!

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