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What are the factors affecting the heat dissipation efficiency of the radiator?


 jjcn.hc360.comHeat sink is a device for the heat dissipation of the easy heating electronic components in the electrical appliance and most of the heat sink are made of  aluminum alloy, brass or bronze in plate shape, sheet  shape or multi-sheet shape and so on, such as the sizeable heat sink used for the CPU central processor in a computer or heat sink used for
the power tube and audion in the TV and the power amplifier tubes.
First, the surface area of the heat sink also affect the heat dissipation significantly, that is, with the same metal, the same water temperature, the larger the surface area is, the faster the heat dissipation is, which is an unchangeable truth. In the production, it is necessary to increase the surface area of the heat sink to improve the heat dissipation. In general case, for the heating radiator with the same specifications and material, steel plate heat sink has larger surface area than the steel column heating radiators and the heat dissipation effect is better under the same condition. However, thanks to the advantages such as good decorative performance, smooth outer wall, elegant appearance and easy to clean, the steel column heating sink has gradually become the mainstream of the market.
Second, the material of the heat sink also have great impact on heat conduction. Every technological advancement, from the initial cast iron radiators to the current steel radiators and copper-aluminum composite radiators, has brought more and better choices for people. By comparison, for these types of radiators, the copper-aluminum composite heat sink has the best heat dissipation effect, seconded by the steel one and the cast iron is at the bottom. Moreover, the copper-aluminum composite radiator has the characteristic of strong corrosion resistance. But due to the material specificity of copper and aluminum, the price will be slightly higher and is more suitable for consumers with higher requirements for home decoration and extra budget.