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What is the auto radiator?


In general, the automobile cooling system consists of a radiator, a thermostat, a water pump, a cylinder block water passage, a cylinder head water passage and a fan. The radiator is for the cooling of circulating water and is composed by three parts of inlet chamber, outlet chamber, main leaf and radiator core.
Auto radiator materials and manufacturing technology develop rapidly, and there are mainly two radiators of aluminum radiator and copper radiator, with the former for general passenger vehicles and the latter for large commercial vehicles. Aluminum radiators have obvious advantages in material lightweight and replace copper radiators in the field of cars and light vehicles gradually. With the  rapid development of copper radiator manufacturing technology and processing, the copper hard-brazing radiators have obvious advantages in engine radiators of bus, engineering machinery, heavy truck and so on.
According to the coolant flow direction in the radiator, it can be divided into vertical flow type and cross flow type. The  structure of the radiator core is mainly divided into tube-fin type and tube-belt type. The tube-fin radiator core consists of plentiful thin cooling tubes and heat sinks while the tube-belt one consists of the welded corrugated heat dissipation belt and cooling tube in opposite arrangement. Under the same condition, the heat dissipation area of the tube-belt type will be increased by about 12%.
Auto radiator is an indispensable part in water cooled engine cooling systems and is developing forwards light, efficient and economical.